Nancy is excellent to work with. She is skilled at asking questions that result in deeper listening and better understanding of any given situation. She has a calm demeanor and maintains her composure even under ambiguous or stressful circumstances. She is skilled at guiding group processes that result in strategic action and next steps. Combined Nancy’s presentation style and strength in strategic thinking is a powerful addition to any organization’s planning process.

-Kirsten Aird, Senior Operations Manager, Oregon Public Health Division

Nancy and I have worked together over many years and in several way and she has always been fabulous to work with. She knows her stuff, gets things done, and is both very collaborative and responsive. It’s always a pleasure to work with her!

– Jonathan Heller, Co-Director, Human Impact Partners

Nancy is a strong leader who I have worked with closely on multiple projects.  What I admire about Nancy’s work style is she has a strong grasp of the foundational elements of policy development, public health and systems change and how they are closely integrated to accelerate the transformation needs of an organization. She is confident and comfortable working with all levels of leadership. Her approach puts the client at ease and defuses any potential tension in creating meaningful change.She has a great strategic mindset to anticipate future needs for her clients and how best to support those future needs of an organization.

-Susan Kerosky, Principal Consultant, Coraggio Group

Nancy is a former employee of ASTHO and, since then, ASTHO has consulted with her on multiple projects. She is an excellent provider of services, delivers high quality work in a timely manner, and is well-regarded by the constituents she serves and peers she works with. Her subject-matter expertise is broad, to include all areas of environmental health, health in all polices, chronic disease, health equity, social determinants of health, systems change, and more.

-Abraham Kulungara, Senior Director, ASTHO