Prior work

Here are some of the questions we have helped clients answer over the years:

How do we know our public health initiatives are improving equity?

We interviewed local community collaboratives about their research, policy and advocacy work to test a set of health equity metrics.

How do clinically-focused health care partners make an impact on the health of larger communities?

We partnered with Carol Gelfer Consulting and the Oregon Health Authority Transformation Center to provide Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations with information about what works to prevent and reduce tobacco use, both within and outside health care clinics.

How do local public health partners provide leadership in the transformation of health systems?

We worked with the Oregon Health Authority to support local public health authorities and their health care partners in providing leadership, planning and implementation for large scale systems change.

How do we start a new member association to support capacity and skills development for the workforce?

We worked with Human Impact Partners and other organizations to to accelerate the organizational startup and development of SOPHIA, the international member association for public health practitioners.

How do we empower state health officials to solve problems collaboratively with their colleagues in other sectors?

We worked with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials to develop a framework for Health in All Policies.

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